“Whistleblower Reveals The Insider Secrets of How You Can Repair Your UK Credit Rating by Legally Removing CCJ’s, Defaults and Other Bad Credit Information From Your Credit File in 30 Days or Less, Guaranteed!!”


Everyday in the UK more and more people are taking back control of their lives by following the simple steps needed to repair their credit file so they can once again enjoy a stress free life of not having a bad credit rating weighing them down.


Would you like to join the other 4,583 people in the UK who have already successfully repaired their own credit files using the information inside the “UK Credit Repair Secrets Guide” ?

If you’ve ever been told that you can’t do anything to repair or improve your credit file then you have been lied to. This is what the lenders want you to believe and they’ll go to great lengths to keep you in the dark when it comes to what you CAN do to repair your credit rating and clean up your credit file.

Even the credit reference agencies will lie to you as they make their money from storing and holding credit information about you then charging finance companies, lenders and banks a fee for accessing this information.

Do you want to know just some of the
things that are being kept from you?

  • There’s no such thing as a black list – that is one of the biggest myths that people are led to believe.
  • There are 13 ways to get a CCJ removed from your credit file – and each method is totally legal too.
  • Lenders CAN tell if you’ve been turned down for credit in the past. They tell you the result of your credit application can’t be seen by other lenders but it can and I’ll show you how they do it.


Inside the UK Credit Repair Secrets Guide You’ll Also Discover…

  • The 11 Letters You MUST Use When Repairing Your Credit File – Without these you will never be able to repair your credit file properly
  • Credit Repair Companies and Why You Shouldn’t Use Them, EVER!!!! – Don’t be fooled and don’t waste your  money
  • Sample Letters to Credit Reference Agencies – The professional letters to use to quickly get the information  you need
  • Sample Letter to County Court – Without this letter your case will not even be noticed


  • The ONLY and Correct Way To Request That Information Be Corrected On Your File – If you don’t use this method then your request won’t even get looked at!!!
  • Inside Information on Credit Repair – This is the actual information they never wanted you to know – in fact, ‘they’ have tried to ban this already!!!
  • How Anyone Can Simply, Easily and Quickly Correct Their Credit History, Legally – The complete system, broken down step by step for you to start using TODAY.

And that is just a brief overview of what’s contained inside the UK Credit Repair Secrets 2016 guide. Once you know the secrets of repairing your credit report you’ll have the keys to unlock credit and finance that is currently out of reach.


Here, let me show you one of the most common lies that you’re told when it comes to applying for credit and your credit rating.

When you apply for credit or any type of finance, which also includes mobile phone contracts, you are told that a search of your credit file will take place. That’s standard practice and everyone knows that part, right?

You’re also told that the search will be recorded on your credit file but the result of your credit application, whether you were accepted or declined, won’t be recorded on your credit file so other lenders won’t know if you were accepted or declined.

Well that’s actually a lie because the information that is one your credit file easily allows other lenders to see this information because of how information is recorded on your file.

Let me explain. When you apply for any type of credit the lender will search your credit file and a record of that search is added to your credit file. This information can be seen by all future lenders.

Now, if your application for credit is accepted the details of your new credit account are added to your credit file. And if you’re declined for credit there won’t be details of any new credit account.

From this all a lender has to do in order to work out if you were accepted or declined for credit is look at the searches carried out by a certain lender and see if there is a record of you having a credit account with that lender.

If there is one the lender will know that on that occasion your credit application was accepted.

If there isn’t one then the lender will know that you were turned down on that occasion.

And that’s how they use your credit file against you while lying to you about it. Does that seem fair to you?

No, it’s not and what’s worse is that future lenders will see you as more of a risk the more times you’re turned down for credit.


What I’m about to share with you is the ONLY method that you can use to legally repair your UK credit file. Now I admit that you’re probably a little bit skeptical right now at the thought of being able to repair your credit but that’s OK, it’s normal to be skeptical about these kind of things. There are a lot of con artists out there who are looking to rip you off but here are three reasons why I can back up everything that I claim here.


Reason #1: – My Credit Rating Was Probably Worse Than What Yours is Right Now…..

A few years ago my credit rating was so poor that I could not even get credit for a packet of sweets (and I kid you not). No matter where I applied or what for, I was declined time and time again. Although at the time I didn’t realise it, the more times I was declined, the worse my credit score became (this is something else that isn’t made clear to you when you apply for credit).


So there I was, with what must have been (possibly) the worst credit rating in the UK. (Well that is how it felt). After banging my head against the wall for months I eventually found out how to apply for my credit files from one of the main credit reference agencies and boy was I shocked at what came in the post a few weeks later!!


Pages upon pages of information about my credit history. I sat and stared at it for hours. None of it made sense. It was just names of credit companies, some of which I didn’t even recognise!!!! And next to this was what seemed like a bunch of numbers and things that apparently represented my credit history.


“How on earth are people supposed to make sense of all this” I thought….


And with that I put it away in a box and told myself that there was nothing I could do about it. I convinced myself that I would never be able to get credit again. And there it sat for 3 months until my wife was tidying up one day and came across it again. (I hadn’t told her about the files).


So one night we sat down together and sifted through the information. For hours and hours we sat there trying to make sense of it all. It was fortunate for me that my wife was pretty nifty on the internet and she sat and researched the topic of credit repair (oh how I thank her now)


Thanks to her we were able to find the much sought after information that I needed to start to repair my credit file. I so wish someone had put all of this information together back then, it would have made the job so much easier to have a step by step instruction manual to show me the way.


Reason #2: – These Are All Tried, Tested and Proven Methods…
I researched, tried and tested every single way possible to repair my own credit file before I was able to actually do it properly. I know this information works because I used it myself. I created this simple and legal system from my own experience so I know this will work for you too. This is why I can give you a 100% money back guarantee that this exact same credit repair system will work for you.
Reason #3: – 1000’s of Satisfied Customers…
Other people may try and tell you how to repair your credit file but ask them if they actually have ever had bad credit themselves. If someone tells you how to do something but they haven’t actually done it themselves then all you are buying is a ‘theory’.


Do you want to know how to repair your bad credit in theory OR would you like to know exactly how to repair your bad credit using a proven, tried and tested system?


We have 1000’s of customers who have tried other ways and methods to repair their bad credit but none of the other methods worked which is why they used the credit repair system that I personally developed.


Remember, this information is the exact same information that I personally used to repair my own bad credit – this is NOT a theory system – this is a used, tried, tested  and proven method that simply works – PERIOD!!

These are just a few of the many benefits you will receive….

  • The UK Credit Repair Secrets System 2016 Edition actually takes you inside of the UK credit scoring system – Knowing how this system works gives you the upper hand in repairing your credit file that no one else has
  • It also removes the myths and B.S that surrounds this topic – When you know the truth and your rights repairing your credit history becomes easy
  • Access to our online, exclusive, document download centre – From here you can download copies of the exact letters and documents that you need when you’re repairing your credit file. Simply fill in the blanks with your own details and you have the correct and legal document ready to send off as and when you need them.
  • The UK Credit Repair system GIVES you the legal and correct documents you will need – Without these you will not even get noticed when applying to the courts. Stop wasting your time and efforts.
  • The UK Credit Repair system GIVES you every single letter that you will need when repairing your credit file – Without these letters it is near impossible to get this right

The UK Credit Repair Secrets System 2016 Edition is the
ultimate and most concise guide ever released to the
public for repairing your bad credit rating.



By removing the myths that surround this topic, you will be able to clearly see just how easy and simple it is to repair your own credit history in the shortest time period possible.

The complete system literally takes you by the hand and shows you step by step exactly what you need to do to remove CCJ’s and bad credit information from your UK credit file.

Let me assure you of this, there are no tricks involved with repair your credit history. Everything is above board and you will actually be able to use your legal rights to repairing your credit file. Remember, this is the exact same system that I used when I repaired my own bad credit history. I sure wish someone had created a system like this for me to use.


When you use this credit repair system you won’t have to go through the massive learning curve that I had to go through. When you use the credit repair system, it’s like someone not only turning the light on for you but it’s like having them hand you a map AND point you in the right direction too……

If you are looking for proof that this information really is everything that we claim then read the email below that we recently received from one of our customers. They have given us their permission to publish the email….

Here are just a few of the things that the UK Credit Repair Secrets System 2016 Edition will show you…..

  • There is no such thing as a black list. It’s just a myth. There is no big register that your name is entered in to if you have bad credit. It doesn’t exist!!!
  • Out of date information exists on nearly everyone’s credit file. Think of the credit reference agencies as one big data base of information. The information is entered on to this data base by human input from details that are received by finance companies. BUT, the information that is entered on to this data base is rarely updated with fresh new information that is correct.
  • Finance companies can also make updated searches of your credit file. For example, if your credit card issuer decides to search your file when considering to increase your credit limit, that search will show on your file. As bizarre as it sounds, having an abnormal amount of searches registered on your credit file will decrease your credit rating!!!!

THE REAL SECRETS! They hated the thought of anyone being able to make their precious, closely guarded, TOP secret information available to the general public. They hated the thought that people would find out what they have been hiding for years.


Caution: Do NOT buy any type of UK credit repair guide unless it meets the following 4 criteria.

There is a lot of confusion surrounding credit repair so I want to give you  the 4  most important criteria that you absolutely, positively must have in any solution you obtain:

  • You need the most accurate and up to date information available and UK Credit Repair Secrets 2016 Edition gives you exactly that.
  • You must be able to use the system over and over again, at any time you wish to or need to – You can use The UK Credit Repair Secrets 2016 Edition over and over again regardless of how many CCJ’s you have registered against you or how much negative information you have on your credit file
  • When you apply to the courts for certain information about for repairing your credit, you MUST make sure you have exactly the correct legal forms and use them – Order right now and you will get all of the correct and legal forms that are required plus many more.
  • Unlike Credit Repair Services, you must make sure that you only pay once for the power of being able to repair your credit history, regardless of how many CCJ’s you want to remove – With this powerful system, you will be able to remove as many CCJ’s and as much bad credit information from your credit file as you need and never pay another penny to do so. This could save you £100’s plus.


The power of the UK Credit Repair Secrets System 2016 Edition is yours to keep and use forever and will never cost you another penny to use, regardless of how many CCJ’s or how bad your credit rating is.


Here is just a summary of what you’ll receive when you order the UK Credit Repair Secrets System 2016 Edition Right Now:

  • Sample Letter to Credit Reference Agencies To Request Updates and Corrections To Your Credit Files
  • Sample Letter to County Court (Get your application noticed and processed) In fact This is the only way to get you letter noticed!!
  • Sample Letter To The Data Protection Commissionaire
  • Sample Letter To Identify A Finance CompanyN244 Notice: This is the form you MUST have and is the ONLY Way To Get Judgements Set Aside (Another unknown secret)
  • You will also get all eleven sample letters that you will ever need when applying to have your credit file corrected.
  • The UK Credit Repair Secrets System 2016 Edition contains everything, every little last bit of information, that you will ever need for repairing your own UK credit history.
  • PLUS your order is totally risk free with our iron clad – bullet proof – 90 day – 100% money back guarantee – if you are not absolutely delighted with the system we’ll buy it back from you!!!!

OK, So Here’s The Deal…

Normally we would never offer the 2016 Edition of the UK Credit Repair Secrets System for less than the regular £24.95 price but if you order RIGHT NOW, I’ll make you this very special offer to help you beat the credit crunch….

Order Now and You Will Receive the 2016 Edition of The UK Credit Repair Secrets System for Just £14.97.

As soon as your order is received you will get instant access and be able to download the UK Credit Secrets System 2016 Edition even if it’s 3am.

Just to give you an idea of how much information there is in this entire system, including the main credit repair system, the bonus reports and all of the sample letters…. If this system was put in to print, there would be more than 60 pages packed full of information.

This isn’t just some 10 page rough guide. This is over 60 power packed, information bulging, pages that will show you exactly how you can repair your credit rating starting TODAY.


One in three people in the UK have some form of incorrect or outdated or negative information registered on their credit file. That means there are around 14.5 MILLION people in the same situation as you. Does it sound fair that you and all of these people should be in this situation?

I don’t think so either……….. So by offering you this information, for as low a price as possible, places it within the reach of as many people as possible who can benefit from it and repair their credit history and get on with their lives.


Jason Mack


Our company is in no way associated with ANY other credit company. We are NOT connected to ANY credit repair company. We are a completely independent company.

If you decide that our product is not right for you then please keep in mind that there are other companies, who will offer to sell you a product of lesser quality, that ‘offers’ to assist you in repairing your credit.

Please be careful as some of these products are actually just a ‘front‘ for a credit repair company who will be looking at convincing you to use their fee based services to repair your credit or get you to sign a debt consolidation plan where they will profit from your problem and it will take 5 years to clear up your credit rating.

We NEVER have and NEVER will be associated with or recommend any form of credit repair company and we are 100% proud to say it.